AIRFIN Fine Bubble Tubular Diffusers

AIRFIN®Tubular Diffusers are designed to handle high volumetric air discharge with ease. Our Diffuser Membranes are specially formulated to handle high pressure air discharge without stressing the membrane and comes with perforations that are MICROSTRESS Resistant Technology™ that significantly lessens rupture in membranes even in above average conditions and prevent back flow and simultaneously providing higher oxygen transfer efficiency. Its sturdy structural design prevents diffuser damage during and before use.

AIRFIN®Tubular Diffusers Membranes comes with  different choices of membrane material to better fit different usage conditions.

  • EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer)- “EPNOL”: Manufactured with high grade Dupont™ RubberTechnology with low plasticizer content and quality in mind. These membranes are suitable for most municipal and industrial application such as waste watertreatment plants.
  • Silicon - “SILCOX” : Made using specially crafted and industry leading Dow Corning™ Silicon with unparalleledquality. Our silicon membranes are suitable for application where fouling and chemical oxidation due to solventexposure, High temperatures occur and specific chemical compatibilities are required. Outperforming others in durability and elasticity making it a very sought-after product
  • Viton® : Suitable for applications where resistivity to most chemicals and foulants is required. Our Viton®membranes although not cost effective have been proven to be an excellent choice to such applications.
  • PU(Polyurethane) - “TPU”: Our PU membranes are usedin applications where EPDM are not a feasible optiondue to presence of hydrocarbon oils and aromaticsolvents and are generally used in industrial waste treatmentssuch as pulp and paper, food processing application etc.