25+  Years of experience has taught us a good deal about what a customer, a project, a company & a WWTPlant may possibly require; keeping this requirements in mind we have come up with materials far superior then what our competition offer,   A Mercedes and Hyundai are both called cars per say, but we all know that’s where the difference ends, one is made with the pinnacle of engineering while the other one is designed to fit general purposes of commuting from one place to another, But what if we bridge the gap between these two? 

At Jay Engineering, we have done just that: Combining timeless R&D and quality standards with production techniques & Low cost production techniques that converge at a single point to give our customers the products that they revere so much:  A product material that boasts quality and yet are affordable then the other bank breaking products available in the market brought to you from other international companies. We take the liberty to say that our products are far superior then anything you have yet seen in the market. Try it to believe it.


“EPNOL” Standard Low Plasticizer EPDM Membrane

EPDM is an ethylene propylene dine monomer extruded membrane product and “EPNOL” is proprietary material compounding code with DOW CORNING/JSR/DUPONT(world leader in advanced rubber technology) raw material. EPDM is a synthetic rubber which is custom moulded /specially blended for this application. The compound formulation and moulding/extruding technique are critical to ensure that the membrane maintains its physical properties over a long period of time, resists tearing, retains its shape even after years of continuous or cyclical use, produces fine bubbles, all at a minimal head pressure. Our EPDM membranes are field tested in municipal and industrial applications with excellent results. However standard EPDM is not recommended in cases where solvents, fats oils or greases, or high concentrations of metal salts are present in effluent.

“SILCOX” Silicon Membrane

“SILCOX”-SILICON is silicon extruded/moulded membrane product and “SILICOX” is proprietary material compounding code with DOW CORNING-DUPONT(world leader in advanced rubber technology) raw material. Silicone material for plants which had potential problems with membrane failure such as fouling or chemical oxidation of rubber due to solvent exposure. silicone have a tendency over time to suffer from tearing due to flexure failure, which is something that does not significantly afflict EPDM membranes. Silicone is suited to cyclical operation, and does not offers a cost benefit over EPDM membranes.

Poly Urethene Membrane

A must have material for operating conditions like CETP where resistivity to Hydrocarbons oils and aromatic solvents and foulants is required since you may never know what may end up in the plant, PU membranes although delicate are considered to be the most delicate material in this industry purposes is actually in a league of its own for purposes where Silicon and EPDM may end up not working and failing, we provide special analytics and results before providing this product. So feel free to hit the inquiry button.

Viton Membrane

A diamond material in our line of industry, this material is pretty much impervious to all kinds of materials, and same as a diamond, the costs can be pretty steep, but what this material offers is hassle free operation in even the most harshest conditions, Whether it be alcohol laden tanks or worst sewage humanity can create. One Material To Rule Em All.